>If you want to feel Good, you need to Change

>What do you need to change in order to be in better health?
Your attitude. According to a study done by  Jeanne Achenberg, Ph.D., you have to become a more positive person in order to reap the benefits of being healthy in mind, body and soul.
In her studies, psychological factors can influence health and healing. Even physical healing from injury or surgery, is enhanced by a person’s attitude.
This is not just one study, it was 62 studies. What they found was that supportive social relationships, including friends, extended family, marital ties, and group membership had a positive effect on surgical recovery, including recovery from chronic and infectious diseases, and improvement in cardiovascular activity and immune function.
And a lack of these supportive relationships significantly increased the incidence of death.
There are numerous studies that found increased cancer growth and digestive problems with people who felt helpless and hopeless
Anxiety and stress increases the production of adrenal corticosteroids which interfere with healing and compromise the immune system.
Fear and anxiety inhibit our cell’s repair mechanisms
And on the other hand–Joy and relaxation increases circulation to painful or wounded areas, and can improve tissue repair.
So find a way to stay healthy through keeping yourself happy and in touch with your mind, body and spirit.
Some important tools to get your started are Mind-Body Modalities that will help you stay more positive!
Learning guided imagery
Sharing and supporting others through self-help groups/volunteering
Practicing breathing techniques: A person who suppresses unhappy feelings usually has restricted breathing ( unknowingly)
Read inspiring literature
Taken in part from: Goldberg, B. (1999) Alternative Medicine.Tiburon, California. Future Medicine Publishing, Inc.
Make a change to be a more positive person!