>Begin a Walking Program

>When you learn how much stress you can reduce in your life by walking, you will not understand why you did not start sooner.
I have found that the rewards of walking are amazing.
You can breath better because you have increased your aerobic capacity.
And you get to see such wonderful scenery.
When I walk, I take a camera with me to catch nature at its best.
I try to do some interval training by walking a a good clip and then jogging or walking fast for the count of 100, and then back again to the regular fast clip.
This helps to burn more calories.
Walking is very economical too! All you need are a good pair of sneakers, and when you wear them out- you need to get new ones! If your walking program becomes a good idea, and you are walking every day, you may need to buy new sneakers quite often. I buy new sneakers about every 4 months, and I walk every day.
How to get started:
Assess your present level of activity. Set goals for the fitness level that you want to achieve. Start slowly and gently. Develop an exercise routine that is part of your day.
Example: I always walk in the afternoon, after lunch, it is now a routine for me now.

Walking is a good start, it is an exercise that you can do 5 days out of 7 days, and if you do it every day, you can take it a little easier on 2 days a week!
Taken in part from:
Vickery, D. and Fries, J. Take Care of Yourself. 6th Ed. The Complete Illustrated Guide to Medical Self-Care.