>Spring will be here soon: Time for Change


Finding yourself
Go through life with purpose and meaning
Find meaningful pleasures in helping others
Even when you don’t feel like it, take the time to just be with yourself
Discover your soul and set aside a special time each day where you just sit and ponder on life
Be careful with your life because you do not know how long you will be here
Strive to be happy
Tell someone today that you love them
Speak to yourself as softly and kindly as you would a special friend
Tell yourself that you are a good person
Remember that everything unfolds exactly as it is supposed to
In the good times and in the bad times, remember that life is special
There are many special people around who can guide you on a clear path toward wellness
Heal yourself through daily reading of inspiring literature, meditating with focus on slowing your breathing and finding your balance

When you are Sad
It is okay to be sad
Things in life happen and many times
We have no control over them
People die, we lose our jobs, our car breaks down
It seems like it will never end
And day after day, good and bad things happen
Sometimes we just forget about the good times
Begin to keep track, so that you know they exist!

When you lose someone, the pain is harsh
You enter into unbelievable loneliness
That does not comfort, but shocks the soul
And then you find some comfort in others
Who say they know how you feel
But they do not
Some day you may be able to distance yourself
From the pain
But for now
You need to feel it.

We need to make changes in our lives

Spring time can be a time for change
Take some time today to think about what it is
That may need mending in your life
And set a goal
Make a list each year of things you need to change
And cross them off as you complete.