>Less Pain, More Joy

>Many sports enthusiasts will tell you that you have to “feel the burn” in order to get a good workout, so if you listen, you may over do it ! And what happens after the burn? Many people develop painful areas in their bodies. And even if you are not exercising a lot, you may become sore and stiff the next day.
Here are some healthty tips:
1. Before and after you exercise, do some self- massage. Start at the top of your body, and rub. Rub everywhere you can get to, and if you cannot, let someone else help you, or get some massage items such as a roller that can assist you.
2. Your feet are important to give a good rub to, before and after a workout. Also,  your feet are so important to your balance that you should give them extra care. If you get foot cramps or numbness after workouts, try this. Pick up marbles with your toes. I found this suggestion in a Mind-Body booklet that I am reading.
3. Back to Balance: As you age, the first to go in the balance arena are your toes, especially your big toe. If balance is becoming a problem you need to exercise your toes and feet more with some balancing exercises.  Stand up straight, feet hip width apart, and try rolling from the balls of your feet to your heels. This this 5 times.  Next, just try to stand on your toes – up on toes, down on heels…
Do this 5 times.
4. The last tip is to begin a “healthy posture habit.”  Listen to your mother and stand up and sit up straight. Catch yourself slumping– remember proper posture habits can help, especially if you have back pain. Get into walking. With a good pair of walking shoes, your joints, muscles and big toe will thank you.
Tips on foot care and posture taken in part for Weiler, L.C. (2001). Mind-Body Connection.