>Your Sinus Problems

>I know so very many people who have sinus problems, and with spring approaching sinuses seem to get worse with all the allergens around.
Her are a few tips on the subject.
The signs of a sinus infection:
If you have 2 or more of the following symptoms, you probably have a sinus infection
1. Pain and pressure in your face, especially over the sinuses
2. Stuffy nose
3. Pain in your upper teeth
4. Creamy yellow or green colored discharge from your nose
5. Little relief from decongestants or antihistamines

According to author Frank W, Cawood and Associates, in his book: Natural Medicines and Cures Your Doctor Never Tells you about,  more that 31 million people in the US suffer from sinus problems and about 16 million go for treatment from a doctor.
Sinus problems may cause difficulty in other areas such as your teeth or pressure or in a sinus beneath your eye.
Sinus infections can go away on their own, but if you have a serious one, you need to see your MD for some antibiotics.
If you want to treat a less severe one at home, here are some tips:
1. Drink lots of fluids. This helps loosen the mucus and can help the sinuses drain
2. Chew horseradish root or spicy soups with garlic. Any hot and spicy herb or food can open up your sinus passages
3. Sleep with your head up. This helps keep mucus from draining back into your sinuses.
With mucus in your sinuses, they can become infected ( and you will be in need of antibiotics)
4. Get a nettie pot for draining your sinuses. They are easy to use, you just tip your head to the side and pour warm salt water through your sinuses. They really help. You can look for them at any health store or drug store.
Find out what is triggering your allergies. Allergies may be the root of your nasal problems, especially if you have itchy eyes.
There are some over the counter relief with nasal sprays and nose drops that help airways. They are safe for a few days, but do not use for long periods because they may become addictive and may have some long term side effects ( moderation is the key here!)
You may need antibiotics to help.  Clogged nasal passages can become easily infected. Remember to see your doctor for a serious sinus infection. The sinuses are close to the brain, infected sinuses without treatment can have serious consequences.
Taken in part from: Cawood, F. ( 1995) Natural Medicines and Cures Your Doctor Never Tells You About. Peachtree City, GA. FC&A Publishing