>Your Inner Self

>You inner nature is better than your outside being.

Even if you are beautiful on the outside, your inner self is what is truly meaningful to others.
Find out about yourself and your mind, body, emotions and spirit.
You are on this earth to grow spiritually and help others.
Begin to pay close attention to what is inside, it will help with your continuing happiness and joy in life.Begin to bring joy into your life by helping other people who need you. They are waiting for you to guide them, honor them and just be with them.
Feel your emotions and really begin to understand why it is important to understand what is inside of you.
Author Gary Zukav and Linda Francis in their book: The Heart of the Soul, describe the inner self very well:

They encourage you to pick a time in your life when you lost something. Perhaps the breakup of a marriage, or the loss of a job you had for a long time. Think about how you felt at that time. What were your emotions like?
Inside your physical being, what type of energy was inside of you? Did you feel anger, sadness?
Feel the physical discomfort in yourself. Really let yourself feel those past hurts, they help you get in touch with where you are today.
You need to feel. Get in touch with your inner self today, and begin to realize what brings the positive emotions too, such as joy from the birth of a child, or grandchild. Or just spending time with children.Children bring with them,  innocence and unconditional love that you can get from no one else.

And remember that there are as many good things that happen to you as bad things, it just feels like the bad things last longer, but they do not.

Taken in part from: Zukav, G and Francis, L. (2002). The Heart of The Soul: Emotional Awareness. New York, NY. Simon and Schuster