>How to become more Joyful

>Lewis Carroll said, ” One of the deep secrets of life is that all that is really worth doing is what we do for others.”

In our lives, we will care for our partners, through love, empathy, and  validation.
We will  help our children and grandchildren, through mentoring, loving and showing the way.
We will be guides to our friends, and provide a shoulder to cry on and a smile to laugh with.
This process is worth mentioning, because we need to tell ourselves every day that we are here for a reason, and what we do with our lives, reflects on others.
I was reading about Karma today and would like to mention its philosophy here:
Many people think that Karma is just bad things that happen, but Karma can be black and white:

This Sanskrit term Karma literally means, “Action.”
It can stand for action in the general term or in the invisible action ( what we don’t do)
According to Eastern philosophy, every action of body, speech and mind produces visible and also hidden consequences.
Don’t think of Karma as blind destiny.  You are always free to make your own choices.  The purpose of Karma is to help you regulate how you act in the world so that you cease to be bound by Karma.
You goal is to not only prevent bad (black) Karma, but also to go beyond good (white) Karma, to no Karma at all!
So find unity in yourself and your relationships with others. Unite your body and mind, feel your feet on the ground as you walk through life.
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