>You are what you practice: Making Changes Now

>Many people change their lifestyles and become healthier.

But did you know that the earlier the better! So if you are young and reading this post- start now.

A research study over a 12 year period revealed that those who changed their lifestyles to a healthy one, were disease free after the 12 years.

This analysis showed that poor health later in life was associated with earlier-in-life systolic blood pressure greater than 130 mm Hg, high rates of cigarette and alcohol consumption, overweight, and high serum triglycerides ( fat), glucose, and uric acid.
This study was done using 5,000 men aged 46-69 at completion of the study, of Japanese ancestry, living in Hawaii.

They also found that men who had spent their early years in Japan were healthier later in life. They hypothesized that they were exposed in their early years to traditional Japanese lifestyle, which includes a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet and high levels of physical activity.
This study is not equally applied to all groups due to its focus on Japanese men, but it is a wake up call to many who want motivation to change their ways!!
It demonstrates that poor health is not inevitable in later life.

Taken in part from: Edlin, G and Golanty, E. ( 1992) Health and Wellness: A Holistic Approach. Boston, MA. Jones and Bartlett Publishing