>Changing of the Seasons: Spring is Coming

>If you haven’t seen a robin yet, ( as I have) you may not be ready to prepare yourself for spring! It is coming, and if you noticed, it is staying light outside longer, and in a few weeks we will prepare for spring by having even longer days when we forward our clocks in March. The official beginning of spring is March 21st.Author of Staying Healthy with the Season, Elson Haas believes we need to make changes in the spring in our minds, souls and spirit.
I find spring a period of awakening for me, I try to get outdoors more often. I  also clean- I do not like to- because it is hard work, but in the spring, I begin my cleaning routine.
This may be a good time to give your life a new plan. This year, my plan includes some volunteering. I have been working for many years, and when I retired a few years ago, I still worked part time. Three  years later, I am still working. Therefore, my new plan for this spring is to do something for others.
Think about yourself, and develop a plan around some goals that you may have.
Remember that after March 21st, this is the time of the spring equinox, when day equals night. For the next 6 months we will see more daylight and with this, Chinese Yang principle and the Sun.
This spark of light will help us to feel better, and more able to explore some goals and activities that we enjoy.
So make your list of things to explore in your life.

Taken in part from: Haas, E. ( 2003) Staying Healthy With The Seasons, 21st Century Ed. San Rafael, CA. Celestial Arts