>How to Make Changes in Life

>There are many aspects of emotional health and wellness.

We all have our basic needs, but there are other needs and goals we have to accomplish in order to make positive changes in life.

We need to  develop in areas of our self- worth,  doing self-fulfilling activities such as creative expression and creating self-determination in our lives.

How does a person develop inner power?
In order to have a self-determined life, we need to:
1. Accept yourself
2. Accept others
3. Choose to make our own decisions
4. Choose a goal and a direction in life
5. Choose to always work for things you believe in

You attitude is also a choice that you make. Choose to be positive about yourself and the world around you.
Complaining about things destroys- taking responsibility  for yourself and your actions always builds.
Begin to believe in yourself as a positive person who has potential to improve, grow and change.

A Four Step Plan:

1. Identify what you would like to change about yourself
2. Identify the fear that you may have about making those needed changes
3. Make a list and determine what you need to do in order to accomplish your goal
4. Take Action ( do the necessary steps: readings on your type of decision, consulting experts in the field, taking courses to prepare you for this challenge.)
Taken in part from: Anthony, R. ( 1984) Total Self- Confidence. New York, NY Berkley Books.