>Adversity and Challenges

>Soemtimes it does not feel like the bad things in life will ever end, but they do. Just as the good times pass and become a memory, so do the bad times and the challenging parts of our lives.
What I remember the clearest in my life are the good times.
When I am feeling challenged, I try to focus on all the good times such as the birth of my children, or finishing my college education.
That focus usually can carry me through a difficult time.
The bad times do pop up for me such as when I lost a long term relationship, and that happened to me more than once.
You learn to grieve and allow it to pass by you slowly.
Sometimes that difficult past keeps on coming and I need to use mindful meditation practice to allow it to pass as everything else does, but it does getter better to deal with it after the years pass and memories fade a bit.

I talk with my friends and relatives  about the good, bad and ugly things in life, and I try not to ruminate too much on it, and then I let it go.
Try not to worry too much about the minor furstrations in life. Do not allow small aggravations to blow out of proportion. Don’t ignore your feelings about things, acknowledge them, then look for a specific solution and keep your perspective.
Small stressors can fade wtih time, let them.Accept the changes in your life. Look at change as an opportunity for learning new things.