>What is your Relationship with Food?

>In order to maintain or lose weight, a person may need to develop a healthy relationship with the food they eat. Many people get into the – “bad foods, good foods” dilemma and then binge on the bad foods. You may need to think differently to get away from that mindset. I like to think that I am making healthy changes in my diet that benefit me in the long term. I know that I can eat anything that I want, but I also know that portion size is the key to success. My grandmother ( who lived a long time) used to say when asked about her longevity- ” It is all about moderation.” You can have a little of everything in life, but do not over do it.
Moderation goes along with everything in life!

Here are some tips on food for healthy living:
1. Know your trigger foods, and keep them out of the house.
You  know the foods that I am talking about- the ones that you just can’t stop eating once you start!
Why do you think that the Lays Potato Chip company came up with the slogan- ” You just can’t eat one!”
If you need to snack throughout the day, find something that is healthier. Try baby carrots and celery dipped in some low fat/ hummus dip.
Also try fennel. If you like celery, fennel has a sweeter taste, and it can be eaten raw just like celery.
I keep protein bars around the house, along with protein shakes of different varieties if I have a snack attack! They really help. For a long time I felt that I needed something solid if I was really hungry, but now I try a protein shake first.
2. Know your portions. Measuring and weighing food may surprise you, and really help you to understand what a portion of food is. Many people believe that they are on a 1500 calorie diet when they are on about 2000 or more.
3. Eat for pleasure.  Eating slowly and mindfully has shown in research to be an effective lifestyle change that helps you with your relationship with food.

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