>Helping others

>Let Valentine’s Day Be Special for Someone:

Today while driving to get some Valentine’s gifts for my sweetie, I saw a man laying on the ground near his car. Some people were gathering. I stopped to help and saw that this man was about my dad’s age, around 80 years.
I felt needed because I made everyone slow down. His foot was stuck under his car, and it kept slipping on the snow, so he could not get up on his own.
I got down on my knees to untangle his feet. We finally got together and lifted him to safety.
You see, he was alone, and needed help, and we were there to help. Even though I did not know this man,  It felt good helping him.

Today, do something special for someone. You will feel good, and they will appreciate your kindness. We all need to pass kindness and love forward to others.