>Delightful meals that are low in Calories

An important aspect of staying on a healthy diet is to be able to prepare simple meals that are low in calories and pleasing to the eyes!
I buy colorful ( inexpensive) plates to use for my meals. I plan special meals for the week, and use low fat simple products on the market that are pleasing to the palate!
Here is something simple and good tasting.
I used frozen Chinese veggies that have baby corn and pea pod along with some Chinese noodles all in one frozen bag.
In the winter, we do not have as many good fresh veggies as in the summer/fall and spring- so I use some frozen veggies. I like them better than canned, and in a pinch, you can steam them very quickly.
This meal consists of frozen veggies mixed with quinoa (1/4 cup) and some chili beans. The wrap is a small corn wrap with a veggie burger and a slice of veggie cheese. The veggie burger is a Morningstar brand, there are others such as Boca veggie burgers which are very tasty.
The entire meal is about 400 calories. The veggie burger 4 points, wrap 1, cheese 1