>Just Breathe

>Keep your daily challenges meaningful.

Try some meditation where you breathe and stay centered.

When you exercise, always breathe as you ride the exercise wave.

Try new things like yoga that can help with becoming balanced and centered. ( and yoga breathing techniques)
For your cooking needs: And developing healthier eating
Try some new things. Buy a steamer ( a stove top one is fine) and steam your vegetables, using the steamed vegetable water for the broth of your next soup.
Try new kinds of grains and beans: try all the grains on the market. Amaranth, Quinoa, whole wheat grains. They are wonderful to add to your favorite meals.
I use them with all kinds of greens. I also add a clove a garlic. Grains take on the flavor of whatever you are cooking.
Try some new beans. Black, red, brown- they are all wonderful. Your stomach learns how to digest them! You just have to try different ones! Make a meatless chili with some grains, beans and corn. Add your favorite salsa  and  cumin to these ingredients and you will have a great meal.