>Start out with walking for exercise

>If you are just beginning to find a weight management technique, try walking.
Walking has many advantages as a form of exercise, and it requires little expense and no special training!
It also needs no special equipment besides a good pair of walking shoes.
Walking at a speed of 3-4 mph for about 30 minutes is a good start.

Studies conducted with dog owners ( who walked their dogs) found that people who walked their dogs briskly every day, were less likely to be obese.
The study also included dog owners who did not walk their dogs!!

The study concluded that weight gain over adulthood resulted from a very subtle increase in calorie intake and a decrease in  physical activity. As a result, an excess of only 50 calories a day can cause weigh gain over  the years- as much as 5-6 pounds per year.

                   Look at what you see when you walk. Layers of mushrooms growing on a stump!

 Taken in part from:Schlenker, D & Roth, S. Williams Essentials of Nutrition and Diet Therapy. St. Louis. Mo. Elsvier-Mosby