>Spring is Coming

>For those who live in cold weather climates, I want you to know that today I saw a robin. The bird looked a little thin, but it was definitely a robin, on February 6, 2012.
Signs of spring make people get motivated and driven.
I know that I have been trying to lift myself up from the slump of  winter time, and sometimes it takes a little push from others.
Be social and gather with friends and family with like minds, taking long walks while we can! So far, we have had a mild winter here in the Buffalo area, and since we are so famous only for our winter storms with 3 feet of snow, I am hoping that we will become famous for the mildest winter on record.
So get out there and walk today. It is beautiful and sunny, plus you get the added effect of natural vitamin D from the sun.

Follow your path through life’s splendor!