>Improving your Relationship

>Many people think that you do not have to work hard on relationships to keep them sound. But you really do have to work.
Even if you have been together with your partner for many years, it does not mean that you can treat someone badly!!
You need to treat your partner with kindness and respect to get the same in return.
So for Valentine’s Day, you may want to do more than just a card or some candy. Do something special or go out and celebrate.
If you want to get love- you need to love!
Here is a list from author Harville Hendrix in his book on relationships:
A women requesting some respect and some changes from her husband:
1. I would like you to remember to pull out my chair when we go out for dinner tonight!
2. I would like you to call me if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late.
3. I would like us to set one night per week that is our special night where we go out to dinner and a movie
4. I would like you to give me a special present for my next birthday ( and other holidays) that you picked out and wrapped  yourself
You can make some changes that will help your relationship. The changes can also make you a better person who is more loving, tender and kind.
Developing a sound relationship takes a lot of work, but it is worth it.
When you learn how to communicate effectively with each other, and begin to understand your partners needs, your partner begins to understand you.
Strive for harmony in your relationship. Treat your partner as you would want to be treated. Be considerate and helpful to each other.

Taken in part from: Hendrix, H. (1988) Getting the Love you Want: A Guide for Couples. New York, NY. Henry Holt

  I would love to take a daily walk with my partner