>Making Changes in Life and reaching your full potential

>The first step toward effective change is having the motivation to make the changes that you need to make.
The next step may be to begin an assessment of your being- and respect what you find. Many people try to make changes without really loving themselves. You have to begin with self-respect. What are the good things about you ? There are many. Make a list of your positive assets before you begin.

Author Bill Hettler, MD. describes 6 dimensions of wellness that will help you along your path:

1. Physical Wellness: This is my favorite. You need to check on this often, and recognize the need to stay active. Strive toward building physical strength and flexibility.
2. Occupational Wellness:Choose a career that is consistent with your personal values, interests and beliefs. The choice of professions, job satisfaction, career ambitions and personal performance are all important to occupational wellness.
3. Social Wellness: Contributing to the common welfare of the community through harmony with others.  It is always better to live in harmony with others than in conflict. Discover the power there is in developing relationships with others.
4. Intellectual Wellness: How creative are you? Do you do stimulating mental activities? Discover your potential for sharing your gifts with others.
5. Spiritual Wellness: Are you searching for the meaning of life? You will know that you are spiritually well when your actions become consistent with your values and beliefs. Begin to ponder the meaning of life, and become tolerant of others beliefs and values.
6. Emotional Wellness: Be aware of your feelings, thoughts and actions. Are you positive and enthusiastic about yourself and life?
Begin to apply a wellness approach to your life changes, and reach your full potential. How are you contributing to your environment and society right now?

Taken in part from: The  Six Dimensions of Wellness Model.(1996). Bill Hettler, MD. National Wellness Institute, Inc. NationalWellness.org

Sit and ponder on wellness strategies

Learn Mindfulness exercises to help guide you toward your meaning of life. Mindfulness can give you insight into yourself by focusing on your breathing.
1. Settle into an awareness of yourself.  Use sight, sounds and senses to tune into your body.
2. Find a special spot to meditate where you are comfortable and will not be interrupted.
3. Assume your most comfortable position, seated, or leaning against a cushion. Find this special comfort.
4. Just breathe!  At first concentrate on the physical act of breathing without trying to control your breathing or change it.
5. Dismiss distractions ( this is important). When  a thought comes through, dismiss it and return to concentrating on your breathing.
Meditation can help develop your performance in many things. It can also relieve insomnia, stress, and even lower blood pressure. It is easy to learn how to meditate.
Taken in part from: Loecher, S & O’Donnell, S. ( 1998) Women’s Choices in Natural Healing: Drug Free Remedies from the World of Alternative Medicine. Emmaus, PA. Rodale Press