>Vitamin D/ SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder: The Winter Blues!

>Vitamin D
In the winter months on the East Coast, we do not get enough sunlight.
Food sources for Vitamin D are few. Vitamin D2 is found only in yeast, and Vitamin D3 is found in fish liver and oils. Fatty Fish such as mackerel or salmon contain reasonable amounts of Vitamin D, and a small amount is found in egg yolk.
Major dietary sources are fortified foods. The Vitamin content of milk is standardized at 10 mcg ( 400IU)/qt.
People living in areas where there is not much sunlight in the winter need to ingest Vitamin D fortified foods.
Here are some good sources of Vitamin D
Food Source             Quantity               Vitamin D ( in mcg)

ready to eat
cereal                        1/4 cup                    1.0

Juice ( fortified)         1 cup                     2.5

Beans, Eggs
Nuts Group:
Tuna fish, canned
in oil                           3 oz                      5.7
Egg yolk                      1                          0.5

Milk                            1 cup                    2.9
Soy milk                      1 cup                   2.5

Taken in part from: Schlenker, E.& Roth, S. (2011). Williams’ Essentials of Nutrtion and Diet Therapy.  St. Louis, Mo. Elsvier-Mosby

Is there a cure for the Depression that seems to be seasonal?

According to research done by Dr. Brainard, therapeutic use of light has a great deal of promise, especially for women.
As a proven treatment for SAD, light therapy is good news for the millions of women who become
depressed in the winter months.
Before using light therapy, get the go-ahead from your doctor.  And whatever you do- don’t confuse light boxes with tanning lights!  You cannot get safe light therapy at a tanning salon.
Begin your day early with a walk out side, or a session with a light box.
Before using light therapy, it is important to get a professional diagnosis, and talk to your doctor.

Taken in part from:
Loechler, S. & O’Donnell, S.  (1997).Women’s Choices in Natural Healing: Drug Free Remedies from the World of Alternative Medicine. Emmaus, PA. Rodale Press.

The Winter Blues!

Try some yoga in the winter months to gain strength and stamina!