>Say Welcome Home To Your Self-Esteem

>As a young child I had very strong convictions.
I thought I could do anything I wanted to do.
I wanted to be an artist. That was my dream.
I would draw for hours each day, preparing and practicing my craft.
As I grew older ( in my teens), my self esteem seemed to dwindle, and I woke up and said to myself  that it was time to think of others, not myself first.
I could always do what I loved, no one could take my artistic abilities away from me!
That is when I told my dad that I wanted to join the Peace Corp.
He did not reply of course, and then I toned it down to becoming a nurse.
That way I could still help people.
When I married young, the Nursing went by the wayside until I was in my thirties. But I still did it. In the beginning I did not have much confidence in my abilities as a nurse so I looked at other avenues such as counseling which I loved.
My point?
Not sure, but I think that the way we feel about ourselves gives us our path.
My special path in life is to help people, and I am still doing it through my blog.
I have a daughter and son who pursue artistic dreams in different ways, my daughter even joined Americorp!
Therefore, you  have it all if you want it!
Tips on Creating Authentic Power in Your Life:
Gary  Zukav and Linda Francis in their book: The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness discuss how to develop your inner potential in life and find purpose.
When you locate your inner power to have anything that you desire, you find harmony, cooperation and sharing with others.
It is natural to long for harmony in your life.
Take some time in your life to remember a time when you really felt powerful.  Remember how you felt and what you were thinking.
How do these powerful experiences impact your life today?
This can lead you toward self- determination, finding yourself emotionally,  and creating goals for your future.
Be strong and find out what it is that brings harmony into your life.

Taken in part from: Zukav, G. & Francis, L ( 2001) The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness. New York, NY. Simon & Schuster Source