>Ten Ways to Good Health

>Here is an anonymous quote from Eastern Philosophy that rings true!
Less Alcohol, More Tea
Less Meat, More Vegetables
Less Salt, More Vinegar
Less Sugar, More Fruit
Less Eating, More Chewing
Less Words, More Action
Less Greed, More Giving
Less Worry, More Sleep
Less Driving, More Walking
Less Anger, More Laughter

Another good health remedy that may help you to get more sleep:
1. Lavender oil
It has been used in folk remedies for at least 1,000 years.   Pharmacological studies have found lavender to have a light sedative effect.
Add a few drops of the oil to your bath before bedtime, or purchase a herbal pillow stuffed with lavender!

2. Establish a Positive Sleep-Time Program:
Go to bed when sleepy
Get up about the same time each day
Establish a before bedtime ritual such as a warm bath ( with lavender).
Don’t go to bed too hungry or too full
Exercise regularly, but do not exercise just before bedtime
Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed
Do not nap! If you take a mid afternoon nap limit it to about 30 minutes
Do not use your bed for TV or reading
Taken in part from: Schrader, C. ( 1999) Beyond 50: The Road Ahead. New York, NY. Doubleday

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