>Almonds for Memory and Weight Loss

Why you should eat some almonds!
It seems that all we hear about are different ways to lose weight.
And since I have been focusing on healthy eating, I will bring up almonds, because they are 2 fold, helping with weight loss and memory!
Author David Grotto explains the health benefits of almonds. But remember, those of us who are really counting the calories, need to count our almonds for the day.

Recently, I have found one serving packages of almonds and other nuts in the grocery store, so those who need portion control may want to try the one serving packages.

The truth on almonds:
A 2006 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that women who had eaten a daily serving of almonds had high levels of the substance: Cholecystokinin, a hormone associated with satiety from eating fat containing foods, then men did.
It means that while almonds are good for both men and women, and help both with satisfaction, women may stay full longer!
It also appears that almonds may help block the absorption of carbohydrates, block their own fat from being absorbed and improve satiety  in both sexes.
Another study in 2003 found that subjects who ate 84 grams ( about 3 handfuls) of almonds, added to a low calorie diet, enhanced their weight loss when compared to a low-calorie diet alone. The diet that included almonds, produced greater and longer sustained weight loss.

Alzheimer’s: Mice with an Alzheimer’s -like disease were fed an almond rich diet. After 4 months, those who ate the almond rich diet did much better on memory test that those who were fed the usual meals. The diet also reduced the number of Alzheimer’s deposits in the rodent brains.

Tips on almonds: Look for almonds in the shell that don’t rattle when you shake them. Rattling is a sign that the almonds are old.
Fresh almonds are white throughout.
Green almonds are available for 3 weeks in the spring. Good on a salad!
Look in the baking aisle, the snack aisle and the produce section.
Store in a cool, dark place.
Taken in part from: Grotto, D. ( 2007) 101 Foods That Can Save Your Life  New York, NY. Bantam Books.