>More on Memory

>I can’t say enough on how we need to stay sharp in order to fend off age related memory problems. Here are a few tips that I have found:
1. Exercise has been researched. It appears that the hippocampus shrinks as we age. This is the part of the brain that helps with memory. Physical exercise can even stimulate nerve growth in the brain. So you can remember better
2. A study with older women in a weight training program: They did better on cognitive ( thoughts) functioning in general compared to those who did not weight train
3. Researchers have also found that people who learn new skills or routinely do hard things such as crossword puzzles or play complex games such as bridge, chess or even surfing the Internet did better on decision making and complex reasoning testing.
4. Mindfulness Meditation: I can’t say it enough, but meditation really helps with the density of the gray matter in the hippocampus. People who meditated using mindfulness techniques improved their memory!
5.Eating better: People who have a good diet, including foods with Omega 3 fatty acids, do better in general as they age. Research has found a connection between a healthy diet and people who do not get dementia. Those meat eaters had a higher rate. People who ate lots of fruits and vegetables, especially green, leafy veggies were healthier. The research even found that  people who eat 3 or more servings a week of fruit and vegetables had a 76 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
6. Social People: It seems that people who have friends and socialize, have better memories and are healthier as they age. It seems reasonable that socializing and being friendly can help with aging, but it also helps with memory. Just spending a few minutes a day talking to other people can really help your general health! That goes for everyone, no matter what age.
These are just a few tips taken in part from: AARP Magazine, Feb/March 2012. Vol 55. no 2a
So eat healtly, exercise, be social throughout your life, and you will fend off many illnesses later on.

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