>Balance your “Qi”: (chee) The energy moving through your body

>There is much Eastern Philosophy that can help a person stay balanced and centered.
Yoga is a good example of an exercise that helps keep a person strong and flexible, but it is more than just exercise because it includes a philosophy that teaches mindfulness meditation and learning insight into the postures.

Qigong and tai chi are others that help with balance and centering one’s self.

The word Qi means to heal, therefore this form of Chinese medicine helps by getting in touch with the energy inside one’s body. They focus on relaxing the heart (chest) and firming the stomach (center/stomach)
In the East, Chinese philosophy, known as “Dao” is the right way, holding that everything has its own way, from a stone to a piece of paper, to a human being.
This Chinese philosophy uses acupuncture and massage along with the practice such as Qigong to keep a person strong, healthy and balanced.

Qigong is balancing movements and exercise that helps the flow of energy through the body.


Balance becomes particularly difficult in the aging process. In order to prevent falls and help older people become more balanced, they need flexibility and strengthening exercises along with balancing exercises.
As we age, practicing such modalities as yoga, tai chi and Qigong can help put some balance into a person’s life. Here are a few tips on balance:
1. When you get up in the morning, stand and lift one foot, and then the other. This will tell you which side is more balanced for the day.
2. Roll onto your toes and back to your heels for a set of 5 to get your body balanced.
3. Sit back down and rub your feet before you get up for the day to stimulate your Qi. (energy)
Taken in part from: Tse, M. ( 1995) Qigong for health and vitality. New York, NY. St. Martin’s Griffin
Chinese medicine always brings in balance to our lives with the focus of the Yin and Yang
Find some good books such as the one noted above to practice some exercises that will help with your balance.

Before you rise, find your Qi for the day!!