>The pleasures of Yoga

>Yoga has an additional benefit besides keeping you flexible and strong.

Not only is it helpful related to decreasing stress and even panic attacks, it has also been identified as a way to help people to lose weight.

Because of yoga’s ability to calm and center a person, this can  help some individuals who have binging difficulties. When a person feels a binge coming on, they can use breathing techniques taught in yoga to slow down their breathing, thus slowing the thought process related to the desire to binge.

Mindful meditations can  help because a person is taught to dismiss chronic thoughts that come into their mind that interfere with meditation. For example, when a person thinks of food ( especially a dreaded food that they may binge on such as ice cream) they are taught to dismiss the thought and move on to meditating. If  a person uses this type of technique when feelings of binging come along, they can begin to have some control over their food difficulties.
Mindful Eating techniques have been explored with people who have difficulty with food, especially related to eating too fast and not slowing down to enjoy food, its textures, colors and smells. People are taught to slow down and enjoy their meals.

There  have been studies, especially related to treating depression with yoga, and many people who have depression problems seem to have fluctuations with their weight. Therefore, focusing on both difficulties during a yoga session may help many sufferers of weight gain and depression.

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