>Black and White

>Today, I will begin to talk about mental wellness.
Many people talk about how to stay well in mind body and soul, but many of us get stuck in black and white thinking. People who get stuck in this type of thinking can become depressed, and no longer can focus on getting out of the dumps.
So, before you have the thoughts of: All of nothing! Black or white, Rich or poor, try changing  yourself to a more positive person.

To begin with, we are all rich in our soul.
We do not have to have a lot of money to do very enriching and wonderful things in life.
We can climb out of anything by changing a few things.

So get a journal and begin to write about yourself:
Positive affirmations and inspirational sayings  may help. Put the most inspiring sayings into your book so that you can glance at them often.

Writing down some inspiring thoughts for the day or writing down some positive things about you can help you begin to change the way you think about yourself and your life.

Here are some more tips on how to put more positive moments into your life:
1. Stop hanging around with people who are negative. They rub off
2. When you are with someone, give them your complete attention and really listen to them, this helps to build relationships with others
3. Finding new friends may be difficult, but real friends listen, enjoy being with you and understand you.
Taken in part from: Heath, J. ( 198). Positively You: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. New York, NY. Golden Books

Here is an interesting picture in “Black and White” but this type of black and white picture is creative!
Become creative, starting with some black and white drawings- and then put some color into your life.

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