>Staying healthy in the winter

>Many people find it difficult to stay healthy and trim during the winter months.

 What I have found is that you may have to do a multitude of different things.  Both food and exercise is important to staying  in shape.
 In  the winter months when it is more difficult to get outside and exercise, you need to do something.
Rain or shine I am usually out for a walk, I put special cleats on my boots to prevent slipping on the ice, and I power walk with my friends.

I  want people to know that I have tried just about every type of diet and exercise program there is on the planet– and the truth is- calories in- calories out!
 It is simple but many of us fool ourselves into thinking that we are burning off the calories that we put into our bodies!
So be careful with the calories in the winter. You may want to start measuring your portions. I keep measuring cups on my counter where I prepare my meals, and when I measure things, I am always surprised! So if you want to lose weight or maintain in the winter months, portion control may be your answer.
Practicing good eating habits is 70% of all weight control. You need to put in some exercise to stay healthy and trim, but good eating is even more important.
You need to eat lots of fruits and veggies, along with grains and beans! Stay away from the fatty foods, and limit your portions of red meat ( or even eliminate red meat).

                                            In the winter, it is still a good time for a walk!

We don’t always get enough Vitamin D in the winter months. Here is a link from Native Remedies on the benefits of added Vitamin D in the winter: www.nativeremedies.com