>What was your first Childhood Memory? Keeping your mental self Sharp!

As we get older, you begin to realize the important things in life, especially childhood memories that were significant.
My earliest most powerful memory was of my grandfather. He was a strong, well-built guy with a big mustache. I was only 4 years old, but I remember this as clear as day. I sat on his lap, and he held me while he peeled a banana for me. He held me a lot, and that is why I still have strong memories of him even though he died before I turned 5 years old. Papa Mariano left me with love in my heart to help others. This is also why I love bananas so much!
Other important memories are family ones with my Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Joe. They came to our home on the lake at least once a week ( sometimes more), and Joe would tell my dad the way it was! I did not know anyone else who could tell my dad off the way Joe did. It was very funny to me.
They did a lot of sausage and ravioli making from scratch. We would eat Italian bread baked from Balasteri Bakery on Niagara  Street in Buffalo. We would eat the bread with extra virgin olive oil and fresh garlic. That was my dad’s favorite. We  ate Balasteri pizza at least once a week. It was Italian style with very little sauce or cheese, but a lot of doughy bread!
Sometimes we would go for a ride to the bakery with Uncle Joe and my dad. Dad would always drive because he hated the way Uncle Joe drove. Joe would make right hand turns from the left lane! He also had a car called the Cricket! It was one of the first 4 cylinder cars, smaller than a mini cooper. I experienced his driving too! It was scary.
Another funny memory with Joe and my dad was at the lake. Years ago, Lake Erie would freeze solid in the winter and we would all walk on it. In the winter, my dad would clear a spot for us to do some ice skating. Sometimes we would take walks on the lake to see the ice fishermen, and talk to them. One day, dad and Joe went off alone to fish. The only thing I remember was dad in a red plaid shirt coming into the house totally soaked. Joe said he saved him! Dad had fallen into the lake, and Joe pulled him out. I guess that made them friends forever. They really loved each other, I could tell.

So what is your favorite memory of your childhood?
Hope you found mine funny!