>Vegetables with grains for lunch

I love veggies and make my afternoon meals with vegetables and grains. This meal is a low calorie, low fat meal, and it fills you up because of the grains.
I only use 1/4 cup grains.
If you are looking for something to fill you up, grains can do it!!

This is a simple steaming recipe.
1/2 cup cubed eggplant
5 baby portabella mushrooms
1 cup Chinese frozen veggies ( my veggies included baby corn/peas with noodles)
The Chinese noodles/ veggies can also be bought canned or fresh.
Today I used frozen.
Start out with some cooking spray in a frying pan and add the frozen veggies first.
Then add eggplant, ( it takes a bit of time to cook.)
Next add the baby mushrooms
Finally, add the grains ( pre-cooked). I like to cook my grains for the week. This week
I cooked organic whole grain wheat which takes hours to cook ( follow directions on package). Some whole grains call for rinsing and  soaking overnight before cooking, but if you do not soak, you need to cook for at least 1 hour (bring to boil and simmer for 1 hour).

Then sprinkle with some low sodium soy sauce and let the veggies and grains steam for about 10 minutes.
Happy eating!!

So stay healthy in mind, body and spirit by eating well!