>Water Soluble Vitamin C

Do you want to put some powerful antioxidants into your system during this cold season?

Here in Buffalo, we have a long winter and Vitamin C can help.

In fact, Vitamin C and Vitamin E are both powerful antioxidants which can maintain our body tissues, including bone matrix, cartilage, dentin, collagen and connective tissues.
There are many reasons to increase your intake of vitamin C naturally through intake of fresh citrus fruit and vegetables, but some people need to take extra vitamin C, and since it is a water soluble vitamin you need to replace it often.
Here are a few signs of deficiency related to Vitamin C:
1. Easy bruising
2. Pinpoint hemorrhages of the skin
3.  Poor wound healing
4. Bleeding gums
5, Anemia
Always check with your doctor to see if you need some extra Vitamin C. It is important to eat healthy. Most of us can get all our vitamins through a good diet that has plenty of fruits and vegetables.

Remember that vitamin C has many positive qualities: It is helpful in wound healing, fever and infection, growth and development, stress from injury and emotional upset, chronic disease prevention.
Eat your fruit and Veggies because vitamin C has been studied as a possible factor in  the prevention of chronic diseases.
In a recent study, individuals with  higher intakes of fruits and vegetables have a lower rate of age-related cataracts, Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular mortality.

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