>Building yourself Up!

>Want to feel better about yourself?

Make a list of your personal strengths and then make specific plans on how you will enhance your strengths.
People spend a lot of money tuning up their cars, why don’t they invest in themselves?

To work on building yourself up, you need to make an honest appraisal of yourself with both your strengths and weaknesses, and then focus on how to increase the positive aspects of yourself.

1. Make your list of your positive assets
2. Set up realistic goals ( things you want to accomplish each day that help you to enhance yourself)
3.Examine some of your untapped interests ( what do you love to do that you have been putting off?)
4. Explore how you want to enhance your life ( what is missing?  )
5. Accentuate the positive in your life. This is the most important part of the process. If you tend to think negatively, you need to focus on the positive!
Learn how to shift your focus. Think of this as a lesson in how to  alter this existing bad habit of thinking.
A good strategy for preventing yourself from ruminating on how bad things are is to distract yourself by doing something away from the home such as visiting a friend or attending a movie!

Taken in part from: Cleve, J ( 1989) Out of the Blues. New York, NY. Berkley Publishing.