>Sometimes we just have to get through it

>It seems that if we want to, we can just ruminate on bad things all day long!

Even when you do have a serious problem, you need to let it go.

Think ahead of things- do not stay in the present or past, waiting for things to pass.

Look ahead to the future. Even the difficult times pass as well as the good times. It just seems like it takes longer for the bad times to move along.

So look to the future, and find a way to get past some of the unfortunate happenings in life.

I try my best to be positive but sometimes it is not possible to do. There are so many things in life that get in the way!
The car breaks down, there is a storm and you almost get into an accident!
That is when I have to begin counting my blessings!!

I am blessed because I am well; physically, mentally and spiritually.
I am blessed with a great family who supports me and takes care of me when  I need it.
Think about all the good things in life that you have, and begin to count your blessings!!