>Meditating on Clouds

>I speak on how people learn how to meditate, becoming centered with themselves and grounded to the earth.
Yoga has many aspects of the quest toward becoming calm and centered.

You learn how to stay focused on your poses so that you can be with yourself.

I love meditative walks because I take my camera and find the most pleasant scenes to look at, and then I bring the images to you.

Here is a  pictures to use in your time to become calm and centered within yourself.

Meditation takes practice and visualizing a pleasant scene is easier with a picture!

Finding solutions to problems that you may be finding difficulty with can be helped with meditation. The most important part of your calming session is to become well aware of your breathing so that you can slow it down.
Just learning how to breathe can make you more aware your body tensions. Breathing is the basis of all meditation.

Taken in part from: Haas, E. (2003). Staying Healthy With the Seasons. 21st  Century Ed. San Rafael, CA.  Celestial Press