>Want to feel Better? Change your diet

>Everyone can benefit from a change of diet, especially related to the ” Whites.” First of all, stop eating all that white flour foods such as white bread, write rice, pastries.
The next thing to get rid of is all the sugar. Try some natural sugar that is in fruits and veggies. Pretty soon you won’t crave  “All that is White!”

Give your children a good start to the day with some healthy foods in the morning so that they can do well in school:
Children’s diets should also be sugar free. They will  get used to not having all that sugar in their diet. Start off slow by eliminating the high sugar foods such as pastries, donuts. Replace them with healthy nutritious fruit and cereal bars. But remember to read the labels.
And start cooking! Make your own bread and snack, and that way you control the sugar. You can begin to use Agave in your recipes instead of sugar.
Try grains for kids, brown rice has a nutty taste. Try Quiona, Amaranth grains. They cook up fast and are very tasty with veggies.

Try to get some exercise more often and be a role model to your kids about how important it
is to exercise daily.