>Cardiovascular Health

>Drink some tea and eat some soy!!
Cardiovascular disease  causes millions of deaths each year worldwide.
Here are some alternative tips on how to keep your heart healthy.
Drinking Tea:
Hypertension is the most common form of CVD and there is some evidence that both black and
green tea have an effect on overall health. In a study, participants who consumed at least 120ml.
of tea a day had a 46% lower risk of being diagnosed with hypertension.
In the study, either green tea or oolong tea was used.
In addition, tea has been found to have anti- platelet effects, anti- thrombotic and anti-inflammatory
effects suggesting that in can improve cardiovascular health- and the chances of having a heart
attack. ( however, not all studies showed that tea consumption reduced the incidence of heart
So drink some tea!!
In 1999 the Food and Drug administration (FDA) approved permission for manufacturers of soy food to state that consumption of at least 25g of soy a day may be beneficial to a reduced risk of developing
Over the past 30 years, there have been numerous studies on soy consumption. Soy has been associated with decreased cholesterol which can lead toward a healthier heart.
Soy products have also shown to help in hypertension.  The studies have found that the reason that soy helps so much is that it contains polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), fiber, vitamins and minerals, and a low content of saturated fat.

So eat some soy!!
Taken in part from: Lockwood, B. (2007). Nutraceuticals. 2nd Ed. Manchester UK. Pharmaceutical Press

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