>Cilantro/ Coriander

>I love spices, especially ones that pick up my meals and give a great color to them. Coriander is considered to be both a spice and herb.
Fresh coriander leaves are more commonly known as cilantro, and resemble the Italian flat leaf parsley.
Ground coriander is a major ingredient in Curry powder. ( which I use and love the taste and color!)
Why should you use coriander?
It is rich in phytonutrients  and flavonoinds which have been found helpful in fighting cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
Coriander is  a source of magnesium and manganese.
Coriander has also been used for the relief of anxiety and Insomnia in Iranian Folk Medicine.
There is some research that concludes the following: 
For Diabetes: Coriander can  help in the secretion of insulin and lower blood sugar levels.
Heart health:  The spice can help lower total cholesterol and triglycerides significantly
Antibacterial: Research  in laboratory test show that coriander was twice as effective as commonly used antibiotic drugs

Tips on using fresh Coriander:

Fresh leaves should look vibrant and deep green
They should be firm, crisp and free of yellow spots
Buy whole coriander seeds instead of powder since powder loses its flavor quickly
Keep fresh coriander in the refrigerator in a loose fitting plastic bag. Fresh leaves last 3 days.
Taken in part:
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