>Meditation has many forms

I like a meditative walk every day to clear my mind, but in the area where I live, we are not able to walk daily( and if we do, it is short due to the snow or ice)
Here are some tips for everyone on how to meditate from Arthur Sokoloff in his book: Life Without Stress.
He believes that there are many ways to mediate. Remember that meditation can help with your stress, therefore you should try it!

Some forms of meditation focus on breathing. Slowing your breathing down and thinking about nothing but your breath.
Other forms focus on a mantra or chants such as “omm” They believe that the sound of reverberation in your body when you hum can go through your entire body and calm and center you.
What you need to look at first is what your goal is?
Do you want some relaxation,  do you want better awareness of yourself so that you can be more creative?
I guess you need to decide on your goal for practicing meditation.
I like to meditate while doing yoga. When I think about my breathing and concentrate on my postures, it calms me and balances my mind.
Visualization is also a form of meditating. Picture yourself climbing up a mountain, and feel the sun on your body while you slowly climb. When you get to the top, the view is amazing.
Mental exercises are amazing at reducing stress. My favorite scene is always water. I love to picture the waves rolling into shore as I lay on the beach sinking my toes into the sand.
I think the warm beach scenes help me to remember the warm weather, especially when it is snowing outside!
Try some meditation, it will help you with stress!

Taken in part from: Sokoloff, A. (1997) Life Without Stress: The Far Eastern Antidote to Tension and Anxiety. New York, NY. Broadway Books.