>What is a Macrobiotic Diet?

>Macrobiotics Style  defines the yin and yang a bit different from Chinese Medicine. According to the basic concepts of macrobiotics, yin is cooling, light,wet and expanding while yang is warming, heavy, dry and contracting.
Examples: Strong yang foods: Eggs, fish poultry, red meat,  refined salt,  salty, hard cheese and seafood.
Strong yin Alcohol, aromatic and stimulating drinks such as coffee and blank tea, foods containing preservatives, chemicals, artificial colors and pesticides. Also included are canned and frozen foods, honey, sugar, milk, cream, ice cream and yogurt; refined oils spices, tropical fruits and vegetables, white rice and white flour.

Balanced foods: ( what you should eat on a macrobiotic diet)
barley, malt, beans and bean products, whole grain cereals and grain products, leafy greens; round and root vegetables,  sea salt, sea vegetables such as dried seaweed, vegetable oils, spring water, decaffeinated and herbal teas, fruit such as apples and pears, seeds and nuts, rice syrup and other grain -based sweeteners.

Curative Powers? There are studies that a macrobiotic diet can balance the yin and yang, thus preventing and relieving illnesses. Essentially, the macrobiotic diet is a low fat,  high fiber, vegetarian diet similar to what Chinese people eat.

A typical Macrobiotic Diet
On average, a macrobiotic diet contains 3 cups of whole grains a day, or grain products such as noodles or pasta.
1-2 cups soup, 1-2 cups of vegetables, 1/2 cup beans, 1/4 cup sea vegetables.
You can also have 2-4 ounces of seafood once or twice a week, fruit 2-3 times a week and a small amount of nuts and seeds a couple times a week.
Here is a sample diet:

1 cup cooked millet
1 cup miso soup
1/4 cup steamed cauliflower
1 sheet of nori ( dried seaweed, available at health food stores)

1/2 cup kidney beans
1 cup cooked brown rice ( cooked with a pinch of sea salt)
Corn on the cob
Squash soup ( cooked butternut squash, then puree)
1/2 cup chopped steamed broccoli

Afternoon Snack

1/2 cup roasted pumpkin seeds

! cup lightly sauteed tempeh with chopped vegetables
1 cup steamed barley
1/2 cup boiled collard greens
Stewed apples
If you want to try a macrobiotic diet, you need to stock up on: short and long grain rice, millet, whole grain barley,  whole-wheat noodles, soy products like miso soup and tofu,  lentils, chick -peas, adzuki, pinto and navy beans, split peas, seaweed,  sea salt, barley-malt syrup,  brown rice syrup, brown rice vinegar, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds,  grain teas,  grain based coffee substitutes and organically grown seasonal products.
1. Wean yourself from  extreme yin and yang foods
2. Phase out  meat and prepared foods
3.Eat more rice, beans and vegetables
4. Eat local fruits and vegetables
5. Stop microwaving foods
Taken in part from: Loecher, S and O’Donnell, S. (1998) Women’s Choices in Natural Healing.Emmaus, PA. Rodale Press