>A Creative Moment with Music!

>In the winter we are always looking for things to do that are creative. Try listening to music when you want to be creating new things.
It can  help you to feel better. Studies have found that people are more creative when listening to music.
In his book, The Mozart Effect, Donald Campbell writes about the power of music.
People approach healing in many ways, and balancing one’s mind, body and spirit through the use of music can really help center a person.
A healthy day should consist of listing to music, just as a healthy day should consist of other types of exercise! Exercise the mind with music.
Music can calm your mind. Music effects the heartbeat, the pulse rate and blood pressure. Although music with a strong beat can activate and energize us, music that is easy-listening and softer can lower heart rates and  blood pressure.
Music can also give you that endorphin lift that you may need.  The healing chemicals created by music can bring joy and emotional richness to one’s life!
So do some creative things with the assistance of music in the background! Sing, dance, read and write while you listen to some Mozart!
Taken in part from: Campbell, , D. ( 1997).  The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind and Unlock the Creative Spirit. New York, NY. Avon Books