>Sorrow and Losses

>I hate writing about sorrow but we all have to go through some.
I went to a wake today, and it was sad but remember that there is nothing wrong with a good cry.

Far too many people do not grieve the way they should. Grieving may be painful  but you need to go through it. Crying may be a good healthy emotional outlet that should not be stifled.

Remember that we grieve over many things, not just death. When you lose a job, get divorced, or  retire, these happenings are grievable and may take a long time to resolve.
Many of us never get over some of them.

So let’s stay healthy mentally by being aware that sorrow and feeling down because of our losses is a normal part of living.
There is a beginning, middle and end to everything. The good and bad.
Try to fill your life with good people around you so that when bad things happen, you have someone who can help your through the sorrow.
And remember to help others who are grieving. Give of yourself, your compassion and your willingness to listen.

Taken in part from: Twerski, A. When do the Good Things Start?  New York, NY. Topper Books