>Down times

>To get yourself out of the funk of winter, try some exercise. I know that I talk a lot about healthy living through a good diet and staying active, but if you really want to feel better, you need to get outside and take a walk. Every day, I try to take a walk, rain, snow, or sunny weather!

To survive the long winter, you also need to put some humor in your life. It is emotional survival! You cannot live being down all the time- you need to laugh about things sometimes!!
Author Jay Cleve in his book: Out of the Blues:
Everyone needs some kind of relief from the stress of daily living. Many people who are ” depression-prone” store up negative energy, and then turn it on themselves ( or are mean to others!!)

Learn how to cultivate some humor in your life. Laugh, be whimsical, even if you pretend at first! Consider the positive power of laughter. It is not easy to feel down when you are having a good belly-laugh!