>Lifestyle Changes that Maintain weight and keep you healthy

>We are constantly hearing about the changes that we need to make in order to stay healthy. Studies by Dean Ornish MD and Nathan Pritikin began in the 1900’s but are still true today. We all need to have an exercise plan and choose our diets well. A change in your diet can  help with such things as preventing heart disease- or slowing it down. We also need cardiac circulation so that we have sufficient blood flow to the heart- that means you need to exercise!
If we don’t get the circulation that we need, we begin to have low cardiac functioning which can lead to low energy, loss of sexual functions, brain and thinking dysfunctions, high blood pressure, kidney problems- to name a few!
Dr. Pritikin, in his book Live Longer Now  speaks about the things to avoid, and the things to do: Here are his suggestions:
Avoid salt
Avoid fatty foods including fried foods.  ( you do need some oil in your diet- preferably cold-pressed sesame, olive, or sunflower)
Avoid high cholesterol foods including egg yolks, fatty meats, shellfish, animal organ meat
Avoid sugar in any form- candy, cookies, pastries
Avoid refined or processed food, including chemical additives
Avoid coffee and caffeine teas
Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables- raw, steamed, baked. When sauteing foods- use water instead of oil.
Eat whole grains: rolled oats, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, wheat , rye, amaranth
If needed- eat small amounts of  lean protein such as poultry or fish
Drink herbal tea
If you start to crave the old habits- go for a long walk!!

Taken in part from: Haas, E. ( 2003) Staying Healthy  with the Seasons. San Rafeal, CA. Random House

A good diet, low in fats, with adequate exercise and weight control can help to prevent heart disease.