>The Small Stuff in Life

>Strategies that will help in the New Year
1. Keeping your sense of humor!

One of the best strategies, especially when dealing with the minor annoyances in life is to remember to keep your sense of humor.
Stop taking everything so seriously, and you will feel better!

Keeping your sense of humor, and even laughing helps to reduce stress and your blood pressure too!

2. Keeping it simple!

Simple does not mean foolish. It means returning to the basic values in life which are plain and simple. It means acting spontaneously and intuitively. 
An Example is from Arthur Sokoloff in his book: Life Without Stress:
When caught in a traffic jam,  I look at the people in the cars around me. Frequently, in a new, expensive, status-inspired automobile, a young person will be talking nervously on his phone, with the radio blaring the stock market reports and business news.
The look on his face is one of tension and anxiety, frustration and unhappiness. It seems that the cell phone does not allow a person much peace.
Too bad people do not realize that an automobile can be a great place to relax when you are in a traffic jam. We are all so obsessed with the workday- begin or end of it- that we forget to just relax.
So when you are stuck in traffic, use it for a  few minutes of peace and quiet!

Taken in part form Sokoloff, A. (1997). Life Without Stress. New York, NY. Broadway Books