>To continue on the path toward wellness this year, here is some tips on relaxation. We all need to do it!

A regular relaxation practice will help you to reduce the effects of daily stress in your life. Relaxation techniques can help to bring your body back into balance.
When your body is completely relaxed, awareness of your emotions increases. You become aware of the many feelings you may have, some good and some not so good. Try to focus on the good!
Relaxation releases energy, increases vitality and strength and can allow your mind to become more creative, light, joyful and alive!
1. Find a quiet place to do your relaxation practice. Make yourself very comfortable and shut off your phone. Have the room lighting dimmed and soft music in the background ( if you feel that helps you to relax)
2. Lay on your back, stretch your legs and feet out naturally. Arms beside your body, facing up.
3. Observe your breathing. It should be going through your nose (not your mouth) Do not interfere with your breathing, just observe it.
Watching your belly rising and falling
4. Begin to relax your forehead, jaw and cheeks, and close your eyes softly
5. Feel your shoulders and arms soften onto the floor, and your chest and upper back relaxing. Feel your entire body soften, your belly, your lower back, your hips.
6. Feel the softness of your entire body as it relaxes. Continue to observe your breathing. Observe the evenness of your breathing
7. Unwind, rest, relax
Taken in part from Kenny, G (2000)  The Gift of Yoga. Heatherton, Australia. Hinkler Books