>Learning to protect yourself from the harmful effects of stress

Yoga can be your path to wellness!

One of the best ways to de-stress is to learn yoga.
Yoga is a holistic modality and a passive form of exercise with meditative type activities that can slow the breathing and calm the mind.
Not only the movements, stretches and poses, but the philosophy of yoga can help you to be more at peace within yourself.
Getting in touch with your inner self and becoming more mindful can benefit your entire body, mind and spirit. The philosophy includes practices and techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation and the postures – called asanas.
If you are new to yoga, there is a gentle form calledĀ Hatha Yoga which is gentle and not as strenuous as other forms.
If you really want to help yourself with stress, learn how to meditate.
Gena Kenny in her book entitled: The Gift of Yoga explains the theory on meditation:
” Meditation is the practice of becoming detached fromĀ  and a witness to the mind. A quiet mind protects us against the stresses of everyday life. Meditation assists us in finding health and happiness by taking us back to our true nature, back to ourselves.”
If you are new to meditation, you may find it difficult at first because: ” Meditation sets out to reduce the internal noise and take you to a place of peace, to open spaces between thoughts, to somewhere where the waters have smoothed out”
This is why it is important to learn about yoga philosophy, so that you gain the full benefits from learning the poses.
You can definitely benefit in your mind, body and spirit by practicing yoga.