>Getting in Touch with your inner self- Mindfulness Skills

>With all the stress related to the holiday, let us find some time to be calm.

On being calm:
If you need to learn how to be in touch with yourself, mindfulness skills will help.
Mindfulness helps a person to become more peaceful and balanced.
What is mindfulness?
Being mindful means being able to touch your ” inner soul”
It involves learning how to slow down your mind and body, and think about peaceful things, and then dismiss those distracting thoughts (sometimes negative thoughts) that pop up in your mind!

Here is an example:

Step 1 is to concentrate on your breath, and slow it down
Step 2 is to try your best to not think of distressing thoughts (or any thoughts!)
Step 3 is to observe your thoughts and let them go, no matter what the thought is- let it go!

Some people compare mindfulness to fishing- you throw out the line, reel it in and toss it back out to sea!
You mindfully observe, and then move on.
Next,  you need to get in touch with your quiet, inner self, and adjust your breathing so you can stay quiet and still.
Being still means to focus your breathing on your internal stillness, your peaceful bliss.
Visualization may help at this point. Have you ever sat at the beach, and just listened to the waves roll in and out?  Just concentrating on the waves, and nothing else.
This can help you begin to become more mindful.