>Before, During and After Weight Loss: A personal account

>Finding ways to stay healthy and thin during the holidays!
It was difficult before I lost weight because it was hard not only on my body, but also on my emotions. I had difficulty emotionally because I felt sure that everyone was looking at how fat I was. I had difficulty physically, causing my blood pressure to rise as my weight did.
During weight loss has  always a problem because I was on one weight loss program after another. Trying every new “get thin quick” product on the market and yo-yoing back to my over-weight self within a few weeks or so.
I had some times however, during my life when I accomplished losing weight and keeping it off for many years, but- it came back later in my life.
During weight loss consists of most of my life. I believe that I have probably lost over 300 pounds throughout my life.
After weight loss is where I want to stay. This is probably the most difficult because I have to constantly wonder if I will someday gain it all back, and begin again.
That is why I am writing this today.
This is the most difficult time of year for weight gain.
Within the holiday season, we are confronted with more over-eating situations than any other time of year.
And with this special season, we are also encouraged to “go off” our diets.

So, listen  carefully because corrective action is needed immediately if you do not want to gain weight !
Corrective action may consist of doing more exercising during the holidays which can also be difficult but necessary. Find some ways to exercise that are creative such as parking far away from the store that you are going to, so that you have to walk a bit. Or, finding a partner who likes to walk, and taking a daily walk in your neighborhood.
Corrective action may also consist of finding special ways to cook low fat meals that you can eat during the long winter months. Try experimenting with creating different kinds of soups, they are hearty and keep you full. Also, keep lots of fruits and veggies around the house so that if you are craving something sweet you can have a piece of fruit instead of candy.
Good luck with keeping healthy this holiday season!!!