>Some tips on Cardiovascular Health and your diet

>Everyone wants to stay healthy, and doctors are trying to encourage their patients to eat healthy and exercise more.
Here are some tips from Brian Lockwood who wrote Nutraceuticals. He encourages people to stay healthy by drinking tea!
Tea is probably the most popular drink in the world, second only to water!
There continues to be research and evidence that there are benefits to drinking both black tea and green tea. Recently, oolong teas have also been included in the studies.
Other nutraceuticals that have promise in helping with cardiovascular health include soy protein and isoflavones, essential fatty acids, flax lignans, Coenzyme Q 10, lycopene and grape seed.
So drink some tea, and put some soy into your diet along with flax seed!
And don’t forget about exercise. A good strong heart needs to be flexed each day with a brisk walk!

Lockwood, B. ( 2007) Nutraceuticals. 2nd Edition. London, England. Pharmaceutical Press