>Making life Happen

>Christmas is right around the corner. People are excited, out shopping, wrapping and smiling?
Well, maybe not smiling!
We need to change !!
We need to see the real Christmas and New Year’s season as a time to make positive changes in our lives.
Making it Happen
Making it happen means letting go of those things you think you need, or things you think others need!
Stop trying so hard to make things happen. Even with Christmas! You don’t have to buy everyone you know a gift!
Do your part by helping someone.
 Learn to let things happen because that is what will happen anyway! You have no control of your future, only what will happen right now.
Do your part in life, in a relaxed, peaceful harmony.

Taken in part  from: Beattie, M. ( 1990). The Language of Letting go. New York, NY, Hazelden